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Wallseal is one of the best professional waterproofing service provider company in Bengaluru. Waterproofing solutions are ideally used to control water seepage and Dampness in buildings at basements, Terrace, Bathrooms, Walls, Roofs, Water Tanks and Balcony etc. Wallseal uses internationally certified ZYDEX products, ZYCOSIL. ZYCOPRIME, ELASTOBAR, COLD BOND etc are Organosilane Technology, UV Resistant, protect against Fungal growth, protects substances from deterioration can be applied in any stage of construction or after construction to control Dampness inside and blocks Nano pore levels.

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How to protect your building?

Based on the condition and stage of building, Zydex products can be applied to SEAL building NANO PORE LEACKAGES horizontally and vertically at any kind of building/structure, eliminates structural decay to maintain life cycle of the structure and to maintain occupant’s structural safety.

How you Protect Yourself?

We observed more than 60% houses contain dampness inside, leads to Fungal development, as per the research breathing at any fungal /Dampened environment may leads to medical chronic such as Asthma, wallseal eliminates dampness in your any buildings to protect occupants health.

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During Construction stage: blocking concrete Nano pore to Improve the structural stability.

Post construction stage: To stop any leakage and Control Dampness inside any building.

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We Will make absolutely any place Non Leakage

  • Quality is our first preference
  • We finished our work on time.
  • We only use internationally recognised ZYDEX materials
    for our projects whether it is New or existing structures.
  • We only use best skilled people for our projects.
  • Our rates are low when compared to others.

How It Works

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Our Technical Team initially inspect your site at no extra cost. They identify the areas to be treated and then suggest solution to seal NANO leaks to eliminate dampness, solution is condition based UNIQUE.

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Our Well Trained and qualified applicators are very capable of completing the most challenging tasks like treating terraces, swimming pools, Bath rooms ,Walls ,Stractures, retaining walls etc.. We provide you solutions for both new and old construction on different dimensions.

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We are always there to help you achieve the most economical and functional waterproofing and repair solutions for your needs to protect your buildings and to protect occupants health. We also provide assistance for any stractural modifications after treatment.

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